Old Original Bookbinder's Restaurant Cookbook

Old Original Bookbinder's Restaurant Cookbook, originally published in 1961, contains a wealth of recipes from the Philadelphia located restaurant famous for fish and seafood. This later printing of the cherished cookbook presents some of your favorite Bookbinder's recipes for your own home kitchen. This cookbook is a classic!


Format: Softcover, 184 pages

Copyright: 1961 

Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell Company 

Author: Charlotte Adams

ISBN: 9780690593198

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Description: When you go to Philadelphia someone is likely to say "How about lunch at the Old Original Bookbinder's? The place is full of many regulars and many famous guests from the theater and business world have eaten there. The great specialty at Bookbinder's has always been fish and seafood. The recipes in this cookbook are by and large simple, and just like those served in the restaurant. If you have eaten in the Old Original Bookbinder's you will know that the chefs and owner are inventive about food. 


Condition: Good condition.. 

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