Book of Soba - Recipes and Guide to Japanese Noodles

Book of Soba contains recipes and a guide to Japanese noodles, one of Japan's staple foods. This book presents easy-to-prepare recipes and teaches you how to make fresh soba noodles in minutes. 


Format: Hardcover, 166 pages. 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Kodansha International 

Author: James Udesky 

ISBN: 9780870118609

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Description: Soba is perhaps Japan's last unexplored cuisine. It has been slowly nurtured over the last 400 years and retains a cherished place among Japan's most popular foods. For lunch a bowl of fresh noodles makes a light, fortifying meal. At night, the chewy pasta, tender stuffed dumplings, and other fare of the soba tradition are lingered over lovingly, a cup of sake in hand. 

As happened with sushi more than ten years ago, soba shops -- both plebeian and elegant -- are popping up in major American cities. The very best of these offer soba in all its simple finery -- al dente noodles made from freshly ground flour, small mouthfuls of buckwheat noodles with a sushi topping (called, naturally enough, Soba Sushi), and perhaps a tempura appetizer to start it all off. 

The Book of Soba is the first book in English to fully explore this long-cherished food tradition, and James Udesky, the first Westerner to complete a soba apprenticeship. He examines the soba culture in depth and offers the latest assessment of the nutritional value of this healthy, lysine-rich, fat-free pasta. 

Mr. Udesky brings an insider's expertise to this comprehensive work. He presents a collection of classic and innovative soba recipes with many of the secrets of the trade as only a seasoned cook could know them. And most important, he supplies an easy-to-follow, fully illustrated text for making fresh noodles in your own kitchen -- in just a few minutes. 

With this book, one of the East's best-kept secrets has found its way West. Exotic, authentic, wholesome, and refreshing, soba provides a wealth of new possibilities for health-conscious diners, pasta lovers, and creative cooks everywhere. 


Condition: Good condition with some tiny tears on dust jacket corners. 

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