What's Cookin' Cookbook: Temple B'nai Israel Indiana Harbor 1962

What's Cookin' Cookbook - Temple B'nai Israel Indiana Harbor is from 1962. Those of you who love vintage cookbooks or collect temple cookbooks will enjoy this find. It contains all different types of recipes, many of them Jewish including holiday dishes like Matzo Balls, Taglach, Prune Meat Tzimmes. Plus delicious desserts too... Pineapple Ice Box Strudel (dying to try this one...), Date Nut and Chocolate Chip Squares, and additional recipes that run the gamut of meal types. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 143 pages 

Copyright: 1962. Third edition 

Publisher: Sisterhood B'nai Israel 

Author: Sisterhood B'nai Israel Indiana Harbor 

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Additional Details

Description: What's Cookin' is a temple cookbook with recipes compiled from temple members. It's a wonderful vintage community resource with some amazing recipes that you may not easily find elsewhere. 


Condition: Cover is stained in several spots and is missing one ring in the spiral plastic comb binding. The interior is in good condition with minor shelf wear. A couple recipes have a pen correction to measurements, likely a correction post printing. 

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