Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook - Vintage

Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook is a vintage 1963 collectible cookbook from the famed Vermont farmhouse restaurant of the same name. This "menu" cookbook, a sequel to the Blueberry Hill Cookbook features a party menu and family menu for every month of the year, with 300 recipes in total. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 373 pages. 

Copyright: 1963 

Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell Company 

Author: Elsie Masterton 

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Description: In 1959, quietly and without fanfare, a little cookbook was published. It was called the Blueberry Hill Cookbook, written by a gal, who, coming from a New York job and environment, had, with her husband, turned an old Vermont farmhouse into a mecca for lovers of fine food. To her table had come visitors from every state and many foreign countries, and even a former President of the United States.  

The Blueberry Hill Cookbook is still bouncing happily along, having sold thousands of copies to Elsie Masterton's starry- eyed, adoring readers of all ages -- just as many grandmothers as brides among them! And ever since publication of the book, they have been writing what amounts to love letters to her cookbook. 

The Blueberry Hill Cookbook won its special fame because it was fun to read, even in bed; the recipes were easy to execute; and everything came out the way Elsie promised: perfect! Her criterion is that a dish must look attractive and interesting, and, most important, taste delicious! 

Now we have the asked-for second cookbook, the Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook. This menu cookbook contains a party menu and a family menu for each month of the year. Every menu is perfect, complete unto itself, and presented in Elsie's own inimitable conversational style. She's right there at your elbow -- you can't go wrong. 

The only exception to the menu pattern is one chapter called "A Blueberry Festival," in which Elsie, an authority on blueberries, gives you recipes for blueberry scones, blueberry pecan bread, cobblers, dessert pancakes, and so on, all divine! 

Each menu has a timetable, telling which foods you may prepare long-ahead and freeze; which can stay in the refrigerator a few days; which are last-minute musts. It's as easy as pie, the way Elsie tells it, and everything arrives at the table at the same, and the right, time. 

Probably the most valuable section of each chapter is the information on what to do with leftovers. Suppose Elsie has given you a menu of ten items and suppose you have something of each left over. A problem? No. Elsie tells you what to do, and how. Lots of the recipes using leftovers, Elsie thinks, are better than the originals. Some are just ideas, but in every case, you're given some help in the problem of what to do with that cup of rice. 

All 300 recipes in the Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook are different from those in Elsie's first cookbook (except for a piecrust and a salad that Elsie just couldn't omit). There are menus for many, many special occasions -- brunches, men's groups, children's parties, garden parties, even a wedding party! -- and just plain family dinners, all lovely, complete, easy to prepare, and delightful to eat. Look through the Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook. Browse a bit! It's a love of a book! 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has a couple small tears at the top edge and corners. 

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