Blueberry Hill Kitchen Cookbook

A vintage favorite, Blueberry Hill Kitchen Cookbook inspired by a famous inn brings you recipes of classic American cuisine. Elsie Masterton's book is a great find for any chef or cook. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 258 pages, First Printing 

Copyright: 1964 

Publisher: Thomas E. Crowell Company 

Author: Elsie Masterton 

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Description: History in the realm of American cuisine was made on July 6, 1959, publication date of a quiet little cookbook, the Blueberry Hill Cookbook by Elsie Masterton, a New York gal who had, starting from scratch, turned a defunct ski area into a famous inn with "cooking by Elsie." 

The rest is a matter of record. The Blueberry Hill Cookbook "took off," a publishing term meaning that everybody who had one discussed it with her friends, who discussed it with her friends, and the book just, well, "took off." 

In 1963, 26,000 copies later, Elsie brought forth an eagerly awaited sequel, the Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook, which has taken its place alongside the first as a thumbed-over, laughed-over, cooked-by (this last a rare attribute) cookbook. 

Now, barely a year after the last, comes Elsie's Blueberry Hill Kitchen Notebook, which rounds out what some of her more whimsical guests call her Blueberry Hillogy, her trilogy of cookbooks.

Here we have a compendium of Elsie's notes on food, both recipes and whims and fancies as she has set them down, through the years, in her own informal kitchen notebook which hangs beside her range at Blueberry Hill Farm. Elsie's full of bright ideas; more important, she knows one when she hears one, and in this book she has 275 new and fabulous recipes as well as at least that many thoughts and suggestions on every category of food. More than 500 new food suggestions in all! There's a section on herbs, one on wines; all the collected fund of Elsie's knowledge and love of cooking and fine eating are here. 

For those who have not read Elsie's cookbooks, we should tell you that here you have a cook with a sense of humor, a sense of the practical; there's no flim-flam about Elsie. She tells you what she knows, what she thinks, and how she feels about the subject at hand, in this case, food.

Her readers, men as well as women, read Elsie's books from cover to cover as they would a novel. The next day they start cooking. Everything comes out as promised: attractive, interesting, more than delicious, divine. There's an Elsie Masterton cult, in case you haven't heard. Look any of her cookbooks over. You'll join it! 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has some rubbing and small tears with clipped corner on inside flap. Interior pages and boards very good condition. 

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