Blue Corn and Chocolate

Blue Corn and Chocolate cookbook shares 175 recipes that feature New World products like corn, potato, peppers, chocolate, vanilla, pecans, and more. Here are mouthwatering recipes that are part of everyday cooking in the United States, yet each is utilized in some more innovative recipes. Potato Chowder with Roasted Garlic, Apple Peanut Bread, Indian Spiced Lamb with Peppers, Corn and Shrimp Fritters Thai Style, and Frozen Peanut Chip Pie. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 295 pages. 

Copyright: 1992 

Publisher: Knopf 

Author: Elisabeth Rozin 

ISBN: 9780394583082

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Description: Imagine, Elisabeth Rozin asks, what Italian cooking would be without tomatoes, Irish food without potatoes, Indian curry without the fiery capsicum pepper or Hungarian fare without paprika, and French or Viennese cuisine without chocolate and vanilla? Yet it's been only five hundred years since these foods were found in the New World and brought back to the Old. 

Each food has a story: how it was discovered, how it was greeted in its adopted countries then integrated into the Old World cuisine, how it returned here in dishes that immigrants brought with them, and how it has become a part of mainstream American cooking. And Elisabeth Rozin's 175 recipes -- interlaced with her intriguing sidebars -- tell the story: 

  • Corn dishes: From Grits Milanese and Chinese Crab & Corn Soup to Blue Corn & Pepper Frittata and Maple- Corn Coffee Cake 
  • Potato dishes: From Potato Chowder with Roasted Garlic and Deluxe Scalloped Potatoes to Potato Latkes and Sweet Potato Pone 
  • Pepper dishes: From Island Pepper Pot and Southwest Lamb Chili to Chicken Paprika and Sweet Pepper Focaccia 
  • Tomato dishes: From Gazpacho and Tomato Chutney to Creole Spaghetti Sauce and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto 
  • Bean and Squash dishes: From Curried Lima Chowder and West Indian Pumpkin Soup to Dill-Pickled Green Beans and Black Bean Quiche 
  • Turkey dishes: From Turkey Gumbo and Mexican Turkey Mole to South African Turkey Bobotie and Cincinnati Hot Shots 
  • Chocolate and Vanilla: From Chocolate Chili and Mississippi Mud Cake to Black & White Chocolate Roll and Vanilla Fruit Puree 
  • Peanuts, Pecans, Maple, and Sunflowers: From Country Ham & Peanut Soup and Pecan Pie Squares to Maple Mustard Sauce and Sunflower Seed Cocktail Biscuits 
  • And more. 

Elisabeth Rozin gives us an entertaining and informative look at the foods that we can truly call American, and she offers a wonderful, surprising cornucopia of recipes that demonstrate the role these foods play in American cooking today. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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