What's Cooking at the Blue Bonnet Cafe Cookbook - Marble Falls, TX

What's Cooking at the Blue Bonnet Cafe Cookbook - Marble Falls, TX features recipes from the popular restaurant. Since 1929 its been serving home-style cooking and you can try a hand at its recipes in your own home kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 122 pages

Copyright: 2000

Publisher: Morris Press 

Author: Belinda Kemper 

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Description: The Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Hills, Texas has been serving home-style cooking, first on Main street since 1929, and at its new location since 1946. After researching old newspaper ads for our Birthday Celebration, the author came across an ad in the Marble Falls Messenger that read "Through a rapidly changing world, we still adhere to the age old custom of setting aside problems in favor of friendly greetings". That philosophy reflects the attitude of the Blue Bonnet Cafe today, as well as in 1946. 

The Blue Bonnet is the place to see your neighbor or friends, catch up on what is happening around town, or a favorite stop when you are just passing through town. It is also a place where you might catch a glimpse of a famous county western singer or rock group, a NFL quarterback, a television or movie star, or the Governor of Texas. 

In the past, the Blue Bonnet restaurant has always been a special kind of place in Marble Falls, and the author's hope is that it always will remain so, now, and for the generations that follow. 

After years of cafe cooking, professional catering, and collecting recipes, Belinda Kemper decided to print her own cookbook. This book contains recipes that prepared daily at the Blue Bonnet, recipes from staff members and friends, and also recipes that she collected and prepared over the years. 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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