Germans from Russia Cookbook Food 'N Folklore Recipes

Germans from Russia cookbook, Food 'N Folklore shares recipes of its German ancestry. Produced by the Germans from Russian Heritage Society in Bismarck, North Dakota, this is truly a historic cookbook that traces back to the authentic recipes of the Black Sea Germans, many recipes over 200 years old. They have been updated with available ingredients where required. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 89 pages 

Copyright: 1989

Publisher: Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota 

Author: Germans from Russia Heritage Society 

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Description: When the need for a fourth edition of Food 'N Folklore became evident, it was decided to expand the collection of recipes. This edition, Food 'N Customs, has an index to make the book more usable and explores customs because many foods were eaten only on certain holidays. Many of these customs are associated with German oriented areas and are still used today. In this edition, the German names associated with the recipes are given. 

Dozens of Germans from Russia ethnic sections of other cookbooks from Germans from Russia areas were studied as were cookbooks from Germany, Russia, Romania, and Poland to ascertain what types of food were common in the areas where our people lived. This Food 'N Folklore Cookbook contains the recipes of its Black Sea German ancestry. The recipes presented here are dishes passed from mother to daughter for generations. Some have been in the family for over 200 years. Only old recipes were retained for this edition, but some modern ingredients may have been substituted. Details of how the recipes were prepared is provided in hopes that future generations will attempt some of these family tested recipes.  


Condition:  Cover has a light stain and some rubbing. Further good condition. 

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