Black-Eyed Peas to Pralines Cookbook - Texas Style

Black-Eyed Peas to Pralines Cookbook - Texas Style features the regional recipes of the state. If you enjoy the special blend of Southern and Southwestern dishes that Texas cuisine offers, you'll enjoy this cookbook. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 158 pages. 

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: Barbara C. Jones 

Author: Barbara C. Jones 

ISBN: 9780963040404

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Description: We Texans are a hardy bunch and we sure like to eat! Now, just in case someone thought we only ate barbecue and chili, this cookbook will serve as a guide to a large variety of Texas foods. Of course, barbecue and chili are not only a "stick-to-the ribs" food, they are foods that serve a purpose. Barbecues and chili-cooking can be "happenings". They serve as the basis for parties, backyard cooking, cook-offs, festivals, rodeos, competitions and many other get-togethers. This one Texas book cannot do barbecue or chili justice since there must be as many recipes for them as there are bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country in spring. 

Another food that is a Texas classic is, of course, chicken-fried steak! In Texas our babies' first solid food is a hamburger and fries and the love for hamburgers goes on through life. But, by the age of 6, those kids expand their tastes to include chicken-fried steak and from that age on, chicken-fried steak is a staple. And don't forget, anytime the cook serves chicken-fried steak without the cream gravy, he is in deep trouble. Would you believe that approximately 90% of the 4000 members of the Texas Restaurant Association in Texas offer this Texas delicacy on their menu? Let's show them up and cook it ourselves. 

Naturally, you've noticed the name of this cookbook. The variety of Texas foods goes from black-eyed peas, whether in the form of a dip, hot with jalapenos or a salad to the sweet Mexican praline, whether it be a candy, a praline cake or a sweet caramelly praline bar. We like almost everything from the lowly pinto bean to the scrumptious fresh, strawberry cheesecake (better than New York ever thought about making). We like the simple Calico salad and the crunch of the water chestnut added to the broccoli casserole. 

We take pride in the authority of the jalapeno and the comfort of the old-fashioned apple pie. Don't forget the "fresh from the garden" fried okra or the "fresh from the pool" fried catfish and a sidedish of hot corn-on-the-cob dripping in butter. And who could turn down a piece of pecan pie with a dip of vanilla ice cream or maybe just a plain ole peanut butter cookie. Well, so we like to eat, "high on the hog"; the recipes for that kind of "eatin" are right here in this cookbook. Remember one thing, if you haven't eaten fried okra, you haven't lived! 


Condition: Pages are curled. Further good condition. 









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