Black Butte Ranch Cookbook - Oregon

Black Butte Ranch Cookbook - Oregon is a community cookbook with a blend of favorite dishes and recipes your family and friends will enjoy like a refreshing Apricot Cooler, a spicy Sausage-Stuffed Baguette, and a sweet Blueberry Cream Pie. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 224 pages 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: Black Butte Ranch Women's Association 

Author: Members Black Butte Ranch Women's Association 

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Description: The Women's Association is proud to bring you another collection of its favorite recipes in the Black Butte Ranch Cookbook. Whether preparing the cookbook's classics like Potato Gratin and Satisfying Beef Stew or the unusual like Peanut Butter Soup and Blue Cheese Pizza, you'll find this cookbook to be a highly satisfying compilation of community recipes. 

About Black Butte Ranch
The ranch is located some three hours drive from the metropolitan centers of western Oregon in the eastern foothills of Oregon's central Cascade Mountains. A one-time bivouac area for nomadic Indian tribes, it later became a large ranching enterprise and is now a scenic residential resort. Covered by vast stands of towering Ponderosa pines, mixed groves of colorful aspen and conifers, numerous small lakes and sweeping meadows carpeted by over 70 identified varieties of wildflowers, Black Butte Ranch is also the domain of mule deer, a varied wild bird population, and an assortment of other wildlife ranging from raccoons to an occasional coyote. 

From its golf courses, tennis courts and bicycle paths one can look south and west to seven snow-covered peaks: Broken Top, the Three Sisters, Mount Washington, Three-Fingered Jack, and Mount Jefferson. To the north rises imposing Black Butte, from which the Ranch takes its name. 


Condition: Good condition. Opening page signed by Chairman of the Black Butte Ranch Women's Association. 

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