Big Mamma's Old Black Pot Recipes Cookbook

Big Mamma's Old Black Pot Recipes cookbook brings you nostalgic recipes made in a cast iron or iron pot. Bacon Cornbread Muffins, Baked Corn, Country Collards, Fried Pea Fritters...and the list of tasty dishes is only just started. This cookbook is sure to delight friends and family at your next meal or special gathering.  


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 207 pages  

Copyright: 1987 

Publisher: Stoke Gabriel Enterprises, Inc. 

Author: Ethel Rayson Dixon 

ISBN: 9780929288000

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Description: Reaching back and tugging at old and almost forgotten memories -- that's what Big Mama's Old Black Pot Recipes is all about. This cookbook is brimming with page after page of nostalgia and recipes for good old-fashioned, calorie- ladened, country-style cooking.  

Meshing the old and the new makes this cookbook useful as well as entertaining. Splendid illustrations, short stories and folklore depict a way of life scarcely recorded in history books. The recipes included are simple and delicious -- and have long been favorites of "country folk" as well as their kissing cousins from the city. 

While pouring through old letters, photographs, journals, diaries, etc., chatting across fences with farmers and sitting on porches listening to stories about "hard times," we came to a couple of rather profound conclusions. First, the rural South has a proud heritage that must not be tucked away and forgotten. And secondly, "an old black pot can't be beat when you want something fit to eat." 


Condition: Cover, interior pages and spiral are in very nice condition. Back cover has a light crease in the top left corner. Edges show minor shelf wear. 

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