The Big Coffee Cookbook

The Big Coffee Cookbook from 1969 features more than 332 recipes for cakes, pies, puddings, pastries, coffee cakes and other desserts that feature coffee as a key ingredient. This cookbook has some delicious recipes like Mocha Nut Souffle, Venetian Nut Torte, Spiced Coffee Turnovers, and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 215 pages. 

Copyright: 1969 

Publisher: Bonanza Books 

Author: Gertrude Parke 

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Description: As she did previously for chocolate in The Big Chocolate Cookbook, Gertrude Parke demonstrates beyond question that coffee is a flavoring ingredient par excellence, one that adds a new dimension to the taste and flavor of an astonishing variety of fine foods: cakes of all kinds, torten, pies and pastries, cookies, puddings, souffles, sauces and syrups, candies, and frostings, fillings, and glaces. And we haven't even mentioned all the delectable frozen desserts (in addition to that universal favorite, coffee ice cream) that utilize coffee as a major ingredient. 

Not content with these delights, Mrs. Parke offers in the chapter "Unusual Ways to Use Coffee" a whole new world of flavors in most original and different dishes. Chicken Livers Madiera, for instance; or the recipes for meat, poultry and venison, to which coffee adds a haunting and delightful tang; or the several soups; and even a memorable Vegetable Pie recipe. 

No book on coffee would be complete, of course, without exploring the world-wide scope of coffeecakes. Here, in "Coffeecakes Around the World," is a cook's tour of marvelous foreign recipes as well as some distinctive American coffeecakes. The many variations on the basic recipes are other delights to explore, and a means of proving to families and friends that coffee is indeed a fabulous ingredient and that the cook is a true gourmet. 


Condition: Jacket laminate has many long thin creases in the laminate (like ripples). Most are on back cover. Interior is in good condition. 

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