Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book

Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book covers barbecue basics, occasions, and recipes. This sweet vintage cookbook from 1961 was illustrated by Tom Funk in a wonderful illustration style of the time. This cookbook not only will give you ideas for your next outdoor celebration, but will help you with barbecue and outdoor cooking basics and preparation. 


Format: Hardcover wire bound 5-1/2 x 7-1/2", 176 pages 

Copyright: 1961, First Edition, Third Printing 

Publisher: General Mills 

Author: Betty Crocker Kitchens. 

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Description: Who doesn't love to eat outdoors? The tantalizing aroma of sizzling chicken or steaks, the mellow glow of the coals, the hum of happy voices -- it all adds up to fun for everyone. And the setting can be porch, patio, park, seashore, or stream. 

In this cookbook, you'll find many interesting recipes and ideas, developed for outdoor cooking and dining. And you'll find them divided into three major sections. 

First come the basics of barbecuing: the fire, the fuel, and heat control; second, occasions for outdoor feasts: Backyard or Terrace Barbecues, Shore Cooking, Seaside in the Backyard, Cooking Afloat, Cruising on Land, Packtrip Cooking, Breakfast Cookouts, and Picnics; and third, a collection of recipes for outdoor dining -- from the simplest to the most exotic fare. These recipes included everything you might like to cook or eat outdoors -- meats and main dishes, vegetables, fruits, salads, breads, and desserts. 


Condition: Back cover has a faded stain. Further good condition. 

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