Betty Crocker Picture Cookbooks Box of 8 Booklets

Betty Crocker Picture Cookbooks is a vintage slipcase box set of 8 booklets. It's a fun collectible from the 70's and one that we are sure you'll enjoy. Each booklet contains recipes from a different category like meatless main dishes or fruit desserts. 


Format: Cardboard slipcase style box with eight booklets  of 64 pages each 

Copyright: 1975 

Publisher: American Family Publishers 

Author: Betty Crocker 

ISBN: 9780307096708

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Additional Details

Description: This is a vintage bookshelf style (slipcase) of eight Betty Crocker Picture Cookbooks. Each is a booklet of approximately 64 pages with recipes and photos--some are how-to style photos. In terms of collectibles, this is not a set we've sold in the past and though available around the Web...this is the first time we've carried it among our thousands of cookbooks we've carried over the past few years. If you collect the Betty Crocker vintage cookbooks, this is a nice little set to add to your collection.  

  1. Quick-to-Fix Mainstays
  2. Meatless Main Dishes
  3. Casseroles -- Range-Top and Oven
  4. Stews and Soups and Go-With Breads
  5. All Kinds of Salads
  6. Cookies, Cakes and Pies
  7. Fruit Desserts
  8. Hors d'Oeuvres and Party Snacks


Condition: Booklets are in good condition. Slipcase box has some heavy shelf wear like long creases and small tears. The cover side of the box still looks pretty nice. 

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