Betty Crocker's New Picture Cookbook: Vintage 1961 First Edition

Betty Crocker's New Picture Cookbook from 1961 is a first edition, top vintage Betty Crocker collectible to add to your collection. This cookbook is often referenced as having the stained glass cover. Indeed, the cover art is somewhere between a pastel Mondrian and a stained glass window. This cookbook is packed with 455 pages of delicious recipes and cooking tips and guidelines with over 1,850 recipes inside. 


Format: Hardcover 5-Ring binder, 455 pages 

Copyright: 1961, First Edition, Fourth Printing 

Publisher: McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc. 

Author: Betty Crocker 

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Description: Here is a cook book that is charming, practical and fun to use. It is a complete cooking guide that includes the tried-and-true and the new-as-tomorrow, the simple and the sophisticated, foreign-inspired foods and old-fashioned American dishes. And each of the over 1,850 recipes is easy to find and easy to follow. You'll find, too: Coordinated plans for delightful dinners, lunches and breakfasts. How to freeze foods. Table setting. Celebrities' favorite menus and recipes. 

You'll love the look of this new cook book. The size of its brightly-patterned cover was carefully planned to fit your kitchen shelf. Its wide-spaced columns make pages so easy to read. Today's most popular recipe style is used, featuring the list of ingredients followed by the directions. Vivid color photographs of food, 48 pages in all, are generously sprinkled throughout the book. They will inspire you to new culinary heights, showing just how the finished food is arranged, garnished and served. Clear how-to-do-it pictures in black and white accompany every basic recipe, turning it into a visual lesson in cooking techniques. 

Clever line drawings are linked to many of the recipes, gaily illustrating the story behind the recipe. Special features of this exciting book include: A guide to selecting recipes for specific occasions on each blue divider page. Garnishes. Calorie chart. Suggestions for second day uses for foods. Holiday ideas. Regional foods. Timesaving tips. Fascinating bits of food history. 


Condition: Cover cloth has a long tears at the binding (no impact to binding as it's a ring binder). Some pages have paper clip indentations, small spots, creases, or frayed edges. Overall book in average to good condition. 

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