Betty Crocker Do-Ahead Cookbook

Betty Crocker Do-Ahead Cookbook is a handy vintage cookbook with recipes you can prepare ahead of serving time. This remains a perfect resource for those with little time to spare on meal preparation, but want more than a frozen supermarket meal. 


Format: Hardcover, 160 pages. 

Copyright: 1974, Fourth Printing

Publisher: General Mills 

Author: Editors General Mills 

ISBN: 9780307096142

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Description: If you fit cooking meals into an already-crowded lifestyle, the name of the game is "ahead of time." And this is the book that fills the bill, with its emphasis on do-in-advance cooking. 

Do your planning and preparing when there's time -- whether it's the night before, a week before, or months before. The twin keys to this kind of when-you-can cooking are your freezer and your refrigerator. You use the freezer for long-range planning, the refrigerator for short-term do-ahead. 

Recipes for all courses of a meal are included -- along with unusual sandwiches, super-quick fix-ups for frozen vegetables and your own brand of TV dinners. And every recipe includes precise storage information -- so you'll know how to store and how long to store for the very best in flavor and quality. Easy-to-find directions tell you how to prepare the food once you're ready to serve it, too. 

So, if preparing meals is just one of the many things you do every day, let Betty Crocker Do-Ahead Cookbook help make that part of your life a little bit better, and a whole lot easier. 


Condition: Good condition.

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