Modern Guide to Better Meals - Vintage Cookbook 1939

Modern Guide to Better Meals vintage cookbook from 1939 was published by Jessie Marie DeBoth and features a calendar of dinners for special occasions and holidays throughout the year. All chapters are sorted by month for easy planning. 


Format: Hardcover, 374 pages. 

Copyright: 1939 

Publisher: Jessie Marie DeBoth 

Author: Jessie Marie DeBoth 

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Description: Now and then comes a day, or arrives a guest, in every home, requiring that the thoughtful hostess prepare a special dish or menu in honor of a national custom or in respect for a religious observance. What to serve and how to prepare it, make unusual demands that are not always easily met. Furthermore, the dish or menu for a special occasion must be prepared with strictest care and exactly according to the correct formula, because family or guest will view it with critical eye and partake with a critical taste beyond the ordinary. 

This calendar or dinners has, therefore, been prepared to meet precisely these requirements. It is a quick, handy, and accurate reference work for hostess, home-maker, and cook, alike: a compendium of what to serve and how to prepare it on these special occasions and on any day of the year. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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