BH&G Famous Foods From Famous Places

This Better Homes and Gardens Famous Foods from Famous Places vintage cookbook published in 1964 is a fun-filled journey through some of the top restaurants in the United States from the time of publishing. Many are old favorites like Trader Vic's, Kan's, Maxim's The Old House Restaurant, and similar. Others are likely still as popular today as they were in the 60s. This is a great collectible cookbook, one that you will enjoy for not only the recipes, but for the nostalgia as well. 


Format: Hardcover, 224 pages. 

Copyright: 1964 

Publisher: Meredith Publishing Company 

Author: Better Homes and Gardens 

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Description: Often an exciting and memorable reward of an interesting trip is the experience of new foods in unusual places. No traveler could really touch down at all our truly good places to eat. When you name one favorite and famous restaurant, friends may recount two they've also enjoyed in that same city. 

Each restaurant included in the Better Homes and Gardens Famous Foods Cookbook is a representative place open to you and to the traveling public. Some are family places, some intimate and some of fabled eminence. With each recipe selected comes the generous permission of the establishment to which it is credited. 

The myth that famous chefs are unwilling to tell you about their creations isn't true. Actually they took pride in telling the editors about the special recipes they chose. The mood of each restaurant is described with a few details of its history. The greater space was saved for the recipes themselves. Some were once regional. Of many, the origin has disappeared from history. 

For you who set forth adventuresomely on the pleasure of being served beautifully and of enjoying every eaten morsel, this book should be as entertaining as it is instructive. It's a reminder of pleasant places to which you've been, a touchstone to places to which you may be going. It's also a trusty guide book for satisfying your food quests, and a must for the cookbook collector's shelf. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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