The Best Way Book Practical Household Cookbook - Antique 1907

The Best Way Book antique cookbook contains 850 practical and tried recipes and household hints. The cookbook is from 1907 and is rare and generally only seen now in print-on-demand. This however, is the real thing. Recipes come from publications Woman's World and Cosy Corner. 


Format: Hardcover, 144 pages 

Copyright: 1907 

Publisher: The Almagamated Press, London 

Compiled from: "Woman's World" and "Cosy Corner" publications

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Description: Have you ever had a "Best Way Hint" published in those bright little weekly papers "Woman's World" or "Cosy Corner"? If so, your hint probably appears in these pages. This cookbook consists of recipes sent in to the above named journals and every recipe represents half-a-crown paid to some read of "Woman's World" or "Cosy Corner." This means that the Best Way Book has been entirely written by practical housewives, who have given each recipe the full test of experience. Mackerel Turnovers, Veal Pie, Lemon Pie and Walnut Toffee are some of the recipes in the book.


Condition: Interior pages are in good condition. Cover material from the bookboard's spine is separated (ripped) on one edge. Cover has a few tiny spots. 

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