Best Soups in the World Cookbook

Best Soups in the World Cookbook has it all when it comes to soup. Over 247 recipes to please the senses and delight family and guests at the dinner table. Enjoy this special cookbook with one of the world's favorite foods. 


Format: Softcover, 468 pages. 

Copyright: 2010 

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons 

Author: Clifford A. Wright 

ISBN: 9780470180525

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Description:  Travel the world, soupspoon in hand, with a James Beard Award-winning author as your guide. In restaurants and dining rooms on every continent, soup is on the menu. A Mexican chef simmers Roasted Poblano and Three Cheese Soup. A Sicilian nonna stirs Beans and Greens Soup, while her Thai counterpart cooks up Mushroom and Chile Soup. Wherever it's eaten, a bowl of soup -- whether elegant or hearty, creamy or clear, chilled or piping hot -- delivers rich flavor and simple satisfaction. In this ultimate soup cookbook, acclaimed author Clifford A. Wright has collected the best classical, famous, and not-so-famous recipes to be found anywhere. 

The Best Soups in the World cookbook includes 247 recipes for heartwarming and palate-pleasing soups: Imagine savoring delicate Italian Small Rice Balls in Broth, refreshing California Chilled Peach Soup, piquant Georgian Beef and Apricot Soup, or curry-scented Tanzanian Black-Eyed Pea and Coconut Soup. But this no mere collection of recipes. Wright is a food scholar; he applies his expertise in lively explorations of the history and culture behind each soup, which makes this book as rewarding to read as it is to cook from. 

Exiting, enticing, and easy-to-prepare, these recipes use ingredients both common and unusual -- Wright provides INternet sources for every item -- making them perfect for budget-conscious cooks whose tastes know no boundaries. From Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle to Chayote Soup from Nicaragua and from Tuscan White Bean to Vietnamese-American Pho, these soups will take you around the globe, all from the comfort of home. 


Condition: Very good condition with minor shelf wear. 

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