Best of Lord Krishna's Cuisine Cookbook - Indian Vegetarian

Best of Lord Krishna's Cuisine Cookbook is an Indian vegetarian recipes book that contains 172 recipes from the Best Cookbook of the Year award winner. Try some Pear Chutney with Dates and Pecans or the Sesame Yogurt Potatoes. Enjoy! 


Format: Softcover, 242 pages.  

Copyright: 1991.  

Publisher: Bala Books.  

Author: Yamuna Devi.  

ISBN: 9780896470293

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Description: The vegetarian cuisine of India has attracted food lovers from all cultures with its exotic flavors, delicate spices, superb nutrition, and positively addictive taste. Now the best, most delicious dishes from Yamuna Devi's classic book are more accessible to contemporary cooks in this new paperback edition of Lord Krishna's Cuisine Cookbook -- the first book on non-Western cuisine and the first vegetarian book ever to receive the high honor of Best Cookbook of the Year.

Here are recipes for the irresistible vegetable fritters called pakoras, the light fresh chutneys, a generous sampling of basmati rice pilafs, protein-rich legume dishes, and quick and easy halvahs and fruit desserts. This healthful Indian cuisine, refined through the centuries, is a sublime gourmet experience.


Condition: Good condition. Minor crease on top edge of cover.  

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