New Southern Cook Cookbook

New Southern Cook Cookbook with 200 recipes from the South's best chefs and home cooks brings you the delectable dishes from the region. Sweet Onion Tart, Panfried Potatoes, Peanut Butter Hummus, Tomato Biscuits, Arabic Bread, Summer Cobbler, and more flavor-filled recipes like these await you inside this southern delight. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 322 pages 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: Bantam Books 

Author: John Martin Taylor 

ISBN: 9780553094176

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Description: What's cooking down South? Hoppin' John Taylor has traveled from Hilton Head to Memphis, from Louisville to Birmingham, from Bethesda to Miami to find out. He's collected more than 200 authentic southern dishes from the finest private homes in Charleston, the best Creole restaurant in New Orleans, and the recipe files of great chefs and cooks in kitchens from Dallas to Richmond. You're in for some wonderful surprises as you encounter the varied, energetic cuisine of today's South -- and discover the kind of food that nourishes not only the body but the soul. 

You might want to start a meal with the delicate Light Tomato Soup served at the table of Charleston hostess Bessie Hanahan, or sample golden brown Fish with a Potato Crust from the menu of Commander's Palace in Hew Orleans. From Rob Enniss's famous oceanfront eatery on South Carolina's Grand Strand, you can enjoy a splendid recipe for Sauteed Oysters over Grits Cakes, or try chef Jimmy Sneed's incredibly good Crab Gakes served with Black Bean Relish made with fresh dill. 

And don't miss the step-by-step instructions for outstanding cornbread cooked in an iron skillet, real southern barbecue, full-bodied grits, and the secret for grilling nearly everything over a gas grill or a genuine charcoal fire. From first courses to your favorite desserts, you'll also see the new influences of Asian immigrants, exotic herbs and greens, and Tex-Mex chilis -- it's delightful to find Fresh Strawberry Sorbet with Champagne and Mint next to Abbeville Gypsy a variation on the English trifle that is still the traditional Christmas dessert in Abbeville, South Carolina? Or a Cuban-inspired Roast Pork, with Tequila Glaze alongside Grilled Rabbit the way it's served at Noble's Grille in Winston -- Salem. 

Best of all, Hoppin' John has made sure each recipe is easy to prepare in your home kitchen and that there are no hard-to-find ingredients. But you won't be able to resist ordering from his list of local sources for old- fashioned grits from a mill in the Georgia mountains, the finest free-range veal and best country hams, honest-to-goodness ginger ale, and smoked fish, caviar, and seafood. 

The New Southern Cook is more than a cookbook; it's a resource. If food is a passion for you, this collection will become a frequent companion in your kitchen -- and the soul-warming dishes of the New South a permanent part of your life. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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