Best of Byerly's Cookbook 2

Best of Byerly's Cookbook Volume 2: Minnesota Grocery Stores is the sequel to the popular first cookbook from the company. Fans and regular customers of the Byerly's Minnesota supermarkets will enjoy preparing its top dishes at home. Everything from Appetizers to desserts, from comforting family meals to sophisticated special occasion menus are found inside. 


Format: Hardcover, 262 pages 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Byerly's, Inc. 

Author: The Test Kitchens of Byerly's 

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Description: This sequel to The Best of Byerly's is Volume II -- a truly contemporary collection of recipes and menus attuned to today's lifestyles. Continuing the tradition of excellence found in Volume I, it showcases exciting food and serving trends. And, it reflects Byerly's quest for more healthful dining and streamlined culinary techniques. You'll get seasonal serving ideas, make-ahead recipes tailored to all timetables, enlightened dishes to promote wholesome choices, recipes to serve a few or a crowd and many other innovative suggestions. If you enjoyed the first cookbook, you will find this new one an exciting addition to your repertoire of good food and entertaining.


Condition: Good condition.

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