Beatrix Potter Country Cooking Cookbook

Beatrix Potter Country Cooking Cookbook was inspired by the writer's books and British cooking. The author has researched recipes from the area where Beatrix Potter lived. Members of the community, some who knew Potter directly, added background information and traditional recipes to help create this cookbook. Photos were taken of the region and of the regional dishes. This cookbook celebrates Beatrix Potter. Fans will love it. 


Format: Hardcover, 176 pages. 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: The Penguin Group 

Author: Sara Paston-Williams 

ISBN: 9781854716187

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Description: Beatrix Potter's writing -- in her children's books, her own journal and her letters -- show that she was always interested in food. One of the pleasures and entertainments in her life after her marriage in 1913 was learning to cook. As a child and young woman she had lived in an age of servants and had never before had a chance to experiment herself. 

Her personal taste was always for the simple delights of country fare -- new milk, fresh eggs, home-baked bread. Holidays in Scotland had introduced her to game and fish, and in later life when she moved from London to the English Lake District she reared her own lambs, cooked the trout and the salmon her husband Willie caught and grew her own fruit and vegetables. 

This cookery book was inspired by the works of Beatrix Potter and her love of traditional British cooking. Author Sara Paston-Williams, who specializes in researching recipes of earlier periods and creating delicious dishes from natural country ingredients, is a great admirer of Beatrix Potter. While doing research for the book she visited the area of the Lake District where Beatrix Potter lived. 

She talked to professional cooks working in the region and met residents who still remembered Beatrix Potter or who have heard their parents' memories of her. Their reminiscences, as well as the traditional recipes they supplied, add to the charm of this book. 

Many of the photographs by Ian O'Leary were taken on location, showing the regional dishes produced in their own surroundings by the cooks who are promoting them. 

Beatrix Potter's little books famously celebrate the pleasures of country life. This cookery book reflects her enthusiasm for one most important feature of country living -- the enjoyment of appetizing and wholesome food. 


Condition: Good. Dust jacket back cover has a small indentation and bottom edge is lightly creased. 

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