Beard On Bread Cookbook

Beard On Bread Cookbook  shares 100 favorite recipes of the late James Beard, a chef and culinary legend. This book touts itself as teaching everything you need to know about breadmaking. Recipes standouts are English Crumpets, Portuguese Sweet Bread, Bunuelos, Scandinavian Lefse, Crumpets, and Bavarian Rye Bread. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 230 pages. 

Copyright: 1974. Sixth printing 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf 

Author: James Beard 

ISBN: 9780394473451

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Description: Here is the acknowledged dean of American cookery on his favorite subject -- bread -- sharing his know-how, his prejudices, his delights. Crusty on the subject of the ersatz products commercially sold as bread, rapturous he describes a homemade loaf that has the right texture and a good "nose," relaxed and masterful about the various techniques of kneading, shaping, and baking, James Beard is so persuasive about the simple and joyous art of bread making that once you give yourself up to this book and plunge your hands in the dough, you will become a confirmed bread maker for life. 

The first, master recipe is a detailed lesson in making a basic white-flour yeast bread -- foolproof for beginners, a rehearsal of fundamental techniques for the more experienced. 

With the basic recipe as a reference point, you can then sail on to produce a Limpa as good as its Swedish prototype, a Finnish Sourdough Rye, a Russian Black Bread, a Hungarian Potato Bread, a German Pumpernickel, a Welsh Saffron, an Irish Soda Bread, a Middle Eastern Pita, Scottish Scones, or English Crumpets, to say nothing of re-creating some of those all-time American favorites such as a Pullman Loaf, a Sally Lunn, an Anadama, a Mother's Raisin, a Boston Brown, Sweet-Potato Rolls, Raised Doughnuts—to name just some of Beard's mouth-watering choices. 


Condition: Very nice condition. Jacket has small hairline tear. 

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