Beachcomber's Handbook of Seafood Cookery

Over 170 recipes for trained to amateur cooks can be enjoyed with the help of this Beachcomber's Handbook of Seafood Cookery. 


Format: Hardcover, 208 pages. 

Copyright: 1972  

Publisher: John F. Blair Publisher 

Author: Hugh Zachary 

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Description: Where and when to look for seafood and how to collect it... What to do with it, whether it comes from the supermarket or straight from the ocean ... How to shuck oysters, clams, scallops; shell and devein shrimp; pick crabs; cut and clean fish... Methods of preparing all types of fish... How to put on a clambake or an oyster roast, make coquina chowder or catfish stew... What to do with octopuses and sea turtles... How to make accompanying breads and sauces ... More than 170 recipes for the amateur seafood cook or the old pro -- at home or at the beach -- all time-tested by people who live on the 


Condition: Front cover's interior has some pen writing. Page 103 has minor creasing due to fluid spill. Further good condition. 

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