The Bayswater Brasserie Book of Food Cookbook - Australia

The Bayswater Brasserie Book of Food cookbook shares innovative recipes from one of Australia's famous brasseries. You'll enjoy replicating its French-inspired recipes in your own kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 183 pages 

Copyright: 1989 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 

Author: Tony Papas & Hamish Keith  

ISBN: 9780731800629

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Description: Growing out of the traditional brasseries of eastern France where beer and cider was served with simple, hearty food, brasseries today have spread throughout the world. In the best examples they have developed a unique ambience, at once relaxed and sophisticated, and wonderfully varied and innovative dishes. 

One of the best and most popular in Australia is the Bayswater Brasserie which opened in 1982. Under the guidance of chef Tony Papas and his partners, the Bayswater Brasserie has developed an atmosphere and style of food extraordinarily suited to the Australian way of life. 

The Bayswater Brasserie style is not locked into the traditions of other cuisines, but instead has the flexibility to draw upon many sources. Childhood influences and experiences while travelling have all been inspirations to Tony Papas. The biggest influence, though, has been the abundance and variety of fresh foods available to Australians: Seafoods, vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy produce are all used to develop subtle blends of tastes and textures. 

Written by Tony Papas and Hamish Keith, The Bayswater Brasserie Book of Food sets out for the first time the recipes for the innovative and delightful dishes for which the Bayswater Brasserie is justly famous. This eclectic selection provides recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, puddings, supper and picnics. They allow the reader/cook to make a choice according to time and mood, and to create personal menus. 

As well, the authors have provided practical advice for the cook, including the best equipment to use, sensible kitchen design, and the basic ingredients and recipes that a cook should have to hand. 

With over 100 wonderful recipes and tempting full-colour photographs, The Bayswater Brasserie Book of Food is an adventurous and inspirational collection from the best of the Bayswater Brasserie's menu. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. Dust jacket's top corner (front) has a tiny tear and spine shows some slight discoloration. 

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