Bavarian Cooking Cookbook

The Bavarian Cooking cookbook demonstrates Bavarian cooking as practiced in home kitchens. Recipes are easy to follow and do not include the addition of chemical agents, preserving the old recipes as prepared in the past. Potato Dumplings, Yeast Dough Steamed Doughnuts and Drunken Maidens are a few of the recipes included inside the book. 


Format: Hardcover, 172 pages 

Copyright: 1983, 2nd Edition 

Publisher: Kochbuch Verlag 

Author: Olli Leeb 

ISBN: 9783921799857

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Description: Regional Bavarian cooking should actually be divided into the original, peasant way of cooking, cooking in the private households of the Bavarian burghers, restaurant cooking, and the refined, gourmet way of cooking as practiced, for example, at the court of the Kings of Bavaria where, according to ancient documents, rare, delicious, and complicated, time-consuming dishes were served, prepared after recipes obtained in part from Italy and France. 

Long before the "Nouvelle Cuisine" wave the Bavarians had discovered sweetbreads and other organ meats as delicacies -- true, without exotic trimmings, but no less exquisite. The famous Creme Bavaroise (Bavarian Cream), which may be found on every international menu today, went to France first in order to return from there to Bavaria as the basis of every delicious and delicate Creme. 

The aim of this book is to introduce Bavarian cooking as practiced in private households, with recipes that are easy to follow for anyone who enjoys eating the natural way. The old recipes of our grandmothers managed to make do without adding any chemical agents -- which was probably the reason why everything tasted so good! In the recipes contained in this book this aspect has been preserved. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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