Barefoot Contessa In Paris Cookbook

Barefoot Contessa In Paris Cookbook is Ina Garten's cookbook for easy French recipes for the home kitchen. Each of her cookbooks is amazing -- this one no exception. You'll enjoy creme brulee, croque monsieur, and a host of other French favorites. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 238 pages. 

Copyright: 2004 

Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Publishers 

Author: Ina Garten 

ISBN: 9781400049356

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Description: Hearty boeuf Bourguignon served in deep bowls over a garlic-rubbed slice of baguette toast; decadently rich croque monsieur, eggy and oozing with cheese; gossamer creme brulee, its sweetness offset by a brittle burnt-sugar topping. Whether shared in a cozy French bistro or in your own home, the romance and enduring appeal of French country cooking is irrefutable. Here is the book that helps you bring that spirit, those evocative dishes, into your own home. 

What Ina Garten is known for -- on her Food Network show and in her three previous bestselling books -- is adding a special twist to familiar dishes, while also streamlining the recipes so you spend less time in the kitchen but still emerge with perfection. And that's exactly what she offers in Barefoot in Paris. 

Ina's kir royale includes the unique addition of raspberry liqueur -- a refreshing alternative to the traditional creme de cassis. Her vichyssoise is brightened with the addition of zucchini, and her chocolate mousse is deeply flavored with the essence of orange. 

All of these dishes are true to their Parisian roots, but all offer something special -- and are thoroughly delicious, completely accessible, and the perfect fare for friends and family. 

Barefoot in Paris is suffused with Ina's love of the city, of the bustling outdoor markets and alluring little shops, of the bakeries and fromageries and charcuteries -- of the wonderful celebration of food that you find on every street corner, in every neighborhood. So take a trip to Paris with the perfect guide -- the Barefoot Contessa herself -- in her most personal book yet. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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