From a Baker's Kitchen Cookbook - Techniques and Recipes

From a Baker's Kitchen Cookbook - Techniques and Recipes for Professional Quality Baking in the Home Kitchen teaches you the principles behind over 100 recipes for breads and baked goods. You'll be baking like a pro with the help of this handy and insightful cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 219 pages 

Copyright: 1984 

Publisher: Aris Books 

Author: Gail Sher 

ISBN: 9780943186115

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Description: For over five years a working professional at the celebrated Tassajara Bread Bakery in San Francisco, Gail Sher has created a book for the home baker that is at once authoritative and extremely useful, and is an inspired contribution to the literature on fine baking. 

In addition to the over 100 kitchen-tested recipes for bread and other baked goods and dozens of helpful illustrations, Ms. Sher provides clear descriptions of the tools, ingredients, and techniques necessary for making professional quality yeasted breads, quick breads, muffins and rolls at home. Unlike most bread books, From A Baker's Kitchen teaches the principles behind the recipes that make them work. 

Delicious surprises abound: Whole Wheat Apple, Ginger Rye, Spiral Herb Bread, Barley Bread with Seeds, Chocolate Swirled Bread, Braid of Fruit, Parsley Scallion Rolls, Sweet Potato Ginger Crescents and an entire section of recipes for using leftover bread, including bread puddings, souffles and croutons. 

The key section of the book offers a thorough description of the sponge method of making yeasted breads. This slow rise method need not use the baker's time, only the dough's time! From a Baker's Kitchen teaches the home baker how to tailor great breads to suit busy schedules and the taste preferences that develop as one's involvement with the bread-making process deepens. 


Condition: Good condition with minor shelf wear. 

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