Not Just Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Cookbook

Not Just Bacon and Eggs cookbook is a breakfast and early brunch book of recipes of all kinds for your most important of the day! Sweet and Sour Ham Balls, Chilies and Sausage Quiche, Sausage and Mushroom Strudel, Overnight Caramel Roles, and Cherry Danish Coffee Cake are a handful of recipes inside the cookbook. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 154 pages. 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: Wimmer Book 

Author: Donna Duncan Jomma 

ISBN: 9780961920210

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Description: Not Just Bacon & Eggs cookbook offers exciting recipes for foods to eat in addition to the traditional bacon and egg morning meal, as well as recipes for foods to have instead of bacon and eggs. You will discover that breakfast and brunch can consist of non-traditional, good for you foods. An enjoyable morning meal may mean sandwiches, pizza or left-overs for some people, while others may enjoy a more traditional menu. Whatever your pleasure, Not Just Bacon & Eggs offers recipes to make the most important meal of the day interesting, full of variety and one not to be missed. 

Whether you are feeding a few or a crowd many delicious and impressive morning meals can be prepared quickly and easily. If you do not like to get up early to prepare breakfast, you will find many dishes in Not Just Bacon & Eggs that can be prepared the night before. In the morning, all that remains to be done is to bake the dishes. This is a wonderful way to prepare breakfast or brunch while enjoying your guest and not be up to your elbows in flour or smelling of bacon all morning. 

Most of the recipes in Not Just Bacon & Eggs can even be enjoyed by people who must watch what they eat. The recipes can be altered for special diets simply by substituting turkey sausage or bacon, eggs substitutes, low fat cheeses, light sour cream and skim milk. Included in the book are even recipes for the diabetic. 

Brunch can be an easy meal to prepare, so one need not be a gourmet cook to prepare a terrific feast. Brunch can also be an inexpensive meal to prepare. The variety of foods served at a brunch is endless. In Not Just Bacon & Eggs are recipes for the early brunch, favoring the breakfast type foods. A brunch can be plain or fancy, sit-down or buffet. No matter how it is served, a brunch can be a wonderful way to entertain. 

What you will find in Not Just Bacon & Eggs are recipes that will make you want to make time for breakfast. Whether it is a breakfast on the run or a long leisurely brunch, you can put pizzazz and variety in a good for you morning meal. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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