Austrian Cooking and Baking

Austrian Cooking and Baking cookbook contains 302 recipes from Austria. More than 170 of the recipes are for Austrian pastries and desserts like Sachertorte and strudel. This cookbook is a small softcover, but packs in all the favorites here like Sauerbraten, Linzertorte, Beef Broth with Dumplings, and many more. 


Format: Softcover, 220 pages. 

Copyright: 1975 (1954 Reprint)

Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc. 

Author: Gretel Beer 

ISBN: 9780486232201

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Description: Austrians like lo eat well, and what they like to eat best is dessert. After a delicious cauliflower soup, and a great Wiener Schnitzel with nockerl and cucumber salad, (hey always have room for an incredible dessert Sachertorte, apple strudel, or Guglhupf, just to name a few. For this cookbook Gretel Beer has collected authentic recipes for these and many other dishes, and gathered them together in just the right proportion -- 171 dessert recipes, and 131 recipes for everything else. 

For your soup and entree, you can choose from such favorites as beef broth with dumplings, potato soup, carp in aspic, baked pike, stuffed breast of veal, Kalbsgulasch, four kinds of schnitzel, boilco beef, sauerbraten, roast pork, stuffed green peppers, Backhendl, and more, as well as vegetables, salads, sauces (horseradish, dill, etc.), and dumplings. Then try your best to choose a dessert: baked pancakes with vanilla cream, apricot dumplings, rice pudding, Kaiserschmarrn, hazel nut pudding, bishop's bread, butter rings, filled honeycakes. sour cream strudel, poppyseed crescents, ring cake. Schnecken, fruit loaves, Alpenbuttertorte, Dobos torte, strawberry gateau, Linzertorte, Meraner torte, Muerbe torte, and much more. 

Gretel Beer's family comes from just outside Vienna, and she has included many old family recipes in her cookbook as well as others she has discovered herself. This is good Austrian home cooking, and the simple, easy-to-follow recipes will work just as well in your home, even when the results are truly spectacular. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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