Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes: The Great Depression Cookbook

Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes: The Great Depression Cookbook features more than 400 recipes from the Depression era radio show of the Bureau of Home Economics. The host was Aunt Sammy. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 142 pages. 

Copyright: 1975 

Publisher: Universe Books 

Author: Ruth Van Deman 

ISBN: 9780876632154

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Description: How did Americans eat during the Great Depression? How did the average person manage to prepare three square meals a day that were nourishing and well-balanced as well as economical? They had the practical help of Uncle Sam's wife, Aunt Sammy, that's how. They had Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes, the most popular and practical cookbook of its day. 

Published in 1931, in the depths of the Depression, Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes grew out of an enormously successful radio show, Housekeeper's Chat, that was written and sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Home Economics. Aunt Sammy -- warm, witty, wise, and an excellent cook -- was its star. For fifteen minutes a day, five (and sometimes six) mornings each week, for thousands of consecutive broadcasts on more than one hundred radio stations in every part of America, Aunt Sammy was there to guide the American housewife through the grim realities of the 1930s. So popular was Aunt Sammy that she received more than a million requests for her recipe book. 

Reappearing for the first time in over forty years, Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes offers 90 tempting, well-balanced menus that can be prepared without spending long hours in the kitchen and 400 recipes for everything good from soup to desserts. 

Aunt Sammy planned her recipes to be "economical, practical, and good to eat," and the passing of more than four decades has done little to alter her original design. Each and every one of these 400 recipes is as serviceable and delicious as it was in 1931. Illustrated with period photographs and drawings, including the nostalgic story of the life and times of the original Aunt Sammy, Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes, rescued from the past, is in every way a cookbook for today. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has light rubbing and frays along edges. 

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