Asian Vegetables

Asian Vegetables is a simple guide to Asian produce with over 50 delicious recipes and a guide to understanding how to identify, choose, and prepare these vegetables for your home kitchen. 


Format: Softcover, 156 pages. 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: Chronicle Books 

Author: Sara Deseran 

ISBN: 9780811827591

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Description: Enjoy wandering through Asian markets, but feel too intimidated by the unfamiliar vegetables and language to make a purchase? Long to cook authentic Asian food at home, but aren't quite sure where to begin? Asian Vegetables is your indispensable, easy-to-use guide to identifying, choosing, and preparing these unusual, wonderful, and flavorful vegetables. 

Asian produce is more readily available than ever before. With Asian Vegetables, clear and detailed photos let you easily identify each vegetable, and in-depth descriptions make choosing the freshest amaranth or fuzzy melon a cinch. Learn the variety of names these vegetables are known by and no matter which market you find yourself in, you'll have all the knowledge and tools necessary for picking out the perfect greens or the crispest sprouts. 

Food editor and writer Sara Deseran has created a wide range of dishes that put to delicious use your newfound lotus root, long beans, or mizuna. The recipes showcase each vegetable's unique attributes and international appeal. Ground Pork and Water Chestnuts in Lettuce Cups make an enticing first course. 

Try dipping a crusty piece of bread into a savory stew of Braised Short Ribs with Hearts of Bok Choy for a satisfying winter meal. Feeling adventurous? How about some Bitter Melon Stuffed with Pork and Fermented Black Beans? And don't forget the essential herbs and aromatics. Thai Coconut Chicken Soup dazzles the palate with an infusion of galangal and kaffir lime leaves, filling your home with the heavenly aroma of citrus. 


Condition: Good condition with light shelf wear. 

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