Art of Polish Cooking Cookbook

The Art of Polish Cooking showcases 500 traditional Polish recipes including Flybanes, MeatTorte, Pork Goulash, Christmas Bread, Lemon Torte, and many more. This 1968 vintage cookbook is truly a great collectible and special find. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 366 pages 

Copyright: 1968 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 

Author: Alina Zeranska 

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Description: Polish gourmet traditions are as old as Polish culture, which has a written history of over a thousand years. And here is the definitive Polish cookbook, containing 500 authentic recipes which reflect the proud traditions of this ancient country. 

Polish cuisine is fragrant with herbs, dill, caraway, green parsley. Onions are used in many dishes, and sour cream is an important ingredient in all soups and sauces. There is an unusual variety of dishes in all categories. The hors d'oeuvres include Fish Fillets in spicy Greek Sauce, traditional Bigos, Cabbage Rolls, and pancakes stuffed with savory meats or mushrooms. The soups are thick and hearty (Giblets Barley Soup) or delicate and refreshing, like clear Polish barshch and fruit soups, blueberry, strawberry, September Plum spiced with cinnamon and clove; and the main dishes range from Chicken with Paprika and Sour Cream to Veal Fricassee with Dill Sauce and Pork Ribs with Onions, flavored with caraway. The Poles also have wonderful ways with vegetables, Cauliflower Polonaise with buttery bread crumbs, Red Cabbage with Caraway, and their salads are different and delicious. 

This cookbook is remarkably complete, down to such desserts as Rice and Apple Casserole and pierozki stuffed with sweet cheese or fruit, and there are 83 recipes for famous Polish pastries, tortes, babas, and honey or cheese cakes. 

The Art of Polish Cooking is a truly superb cookbook: superb because of the quality and authenticity of its 500 recipes; modern, fast, easy cooking methods; and because the author, a native of Poland is a talented cook and writer who describes the ancient and colorful customs of Poland, the family Christmas traditions, the all-day Easter luncheon, and provides entertaining details about the origins of some of the historic dishes. 


Condition: Opening page has lengthy inscription in ink and owner's sticker. Jacket has minor rubbing and creases. Further good condition. 

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