Art of French Cooking Cookbook L'Art Culinaire Francais

Art of French Cooking cookbook contains 3,750 recipes by the great chefs of France including Escoffier, Duval, MOntagne, Pelleprat and more. This vintage cookbook circa 1950's is a French classic available here in English. 


Format: Hardcover, 864 pages 

Copyright: circa 1950's

Publisher: Paul Hamlyn 

Author: Ernest Flammarion and Bart Winer, Editor

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Description: The Art of French Cooking cookbook is the first English edition of the world-famous L'art Culinaire Franais, originally published in France by Flammarion. This encyclopedic cookbook is the most prized collection of recipes ever presented to the French public. As soon as it was published in France, Flanimarion became a household word, as familiar and important to food lovers as the name "Webster" is in the field of dictionaries. 

Ernest Flammarion began this tremendous undertaking in 1945. He collected, in one huge volume, all the most precious cooking secrets that French chefs had discovered during 250 years of exacting experience -- including famous recipes created by Careme, the master chef who prepared banquets for Napoleon and Prince Talleyrand and who founded the great tradition of haute cuisine ... recipes by Urbain-Dubois, grand master of the kitchens to William I, Emperor of Germany ... and, of course, superb recipes by Escoffier, the most respected name among gourmets of our century. In short, The Art of French Cooking is the ne plats ultra of cookbooks, and we present it with every certainty that it will delight English-speaking readers as much as it has already delighted today's generation of gourmets in France. 

3,750 Recipes Created by the Great Chefs of France including: Ali-Bab, E. Darenne, E. Duval, A. Escoffier, Ph. Gilbert, P. Montagne, H.P. Pelleprat, Urbain-Dubois 


Condition: Jacket missing. Bookboards and interior pages are structurally in good condition. The mesh binding shows through on the opening page in the crevice of the spine. There are a few pages with tiny spots. Pages' exterior pages as seen when book is shut shows some black spots. 

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