Art of Dutch Cooking Cookbook 1961

The Art of Dutch Cooking Cookbook is an especially wonderful vintage cookbook find for the Cookbook Village team. We moved to the US from Holland. The recipes in this cookbook bring back the memories of one of the world's most loveable countries. With over 200 recipes to choose from, those as fond of Dutch cooking as we are should be able to find their favorite dish inside. We spot a nice Indonesian Sate recipe inside. 


Format: Hardcover, 192 pages. 

Copyright: 1961, First Edition 

Publisher: Gramercy Publishing Company 

Author: C. Countess van Limburg Stirum 

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Description: This attractive volume offers a complete cross section of Dutch home cooking, adapted to American kitchens. Many of these dishes are unknown even to the traveler, since Holland's restaurants serve an international cuisine. 

The Art of Dutch Cooking contains a number of special features. In addition to a chapter describing daily meals and seasonal treats, there is an interesting and more detailed introduction to each section. A whole chapter is devoted to the Dutch Christmas, with recipes for unique cookies and candies that are a traditional part of the festivities. There are separate chapters on potatoes (a national favorite), on party beverages -- including several superb champagne punches -- and on Indonesian dishes from the Dutch East Indies. 

There are wonderful hearty dishes for wintry weather as well as delectable suggestions for a cold buffet. Many of the 200 recipes can be wholly or partly prepared beforehand, and suggestions for leftover use are also given. Ingredients arc not expensive and are obtainable in the United States. 

The charming drawings of Corry, the Countess van Limburg Stirum, and her occasional lapses into unidiomatic English add to the appeal of this cookbook that is distinctly different and at the same time both useful and entertaining. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some taped tears bottom edge inside the jacket. Further great condition. 

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