Art of Mexican Cooking - Vintage Cookbook 1965

The Art of Mexican Cooking is a vintage cookbook published in 1965. It shares a wealth of memorable recipes from the empanada to Huevos Rancheros. Mexican food goes far beyond tacos, and this cookbook will show you how amazing this cuisine truly is and how you can prepare it in your own home kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover, 309 pages 

Copyright: 1965 

Publisher: Castle 

Author: Jan Aaron and Georgine Sachs Salom 

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Description: From Mexico -- a land of breath-taking bullfights and lazy siestas -- comes this sumptuous guide to one of the truly great cuisines, of the world. Featuring delectable and easily prepared recetas for every course on the menu, The Art of Mexican Cooking will be the authority on Mexican food and cooking for many years to come. 

With a history as old as the Mayan civilization, Mexican cuisine reflects an exotic potpourri of nationalities and tastes. The authors toured the country extensively to collect this astonishing array of authentic recipes -- from simple soups to the sophisticated and elegant turkey mole with its delicious velvety sauce. For dishes that are as highly seasoned as the climate of Mexico itself, there are empanada, enchilada, and chile entrees. Or try Huevos Rancheros -- eggs prepared with a sumptuous sauce -- to make a light supper a memorable experience, or to highlight any Sunday brunch. 

Along with a wealth of incomparable recipes, The Art of Mexican Cooking also includes the fascinating history of the development of Mexican food -- from the pre-Columbian Indians through its Danish, Spanish, English, French, and American influences. And for the tourist, the authors have included their tips and observations on many of the excellent restaurants to be found throughout Mexico. 


Condition: Dust jacket has several tears. Further good condition. 

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