Art of Making Good Cookies Plain and Fancy Cookbook

Art of Making Good Cookies Plain and Fancy is a vintage cookbook with cookies of every shape, size, and type. This cookbook was published in 1963 and brings you a nice collection of cookies both simple and elegant. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 252 pages 

Copyright: 1963 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 

Author: Annette Laslett Ross and Jean Adams Disney 

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Description: The versatility of cookies makes them dear to the hearts of good cooks the world over and beloved by everyone whose appetite quickens at the taste of a flavorful sweet. This latest volume in the popular The Art of ... Series of specialty cookbooks brings to you a wonderful collection of recipes for cookies of all types, shapes, and sizes -- for every occasion, or no occasion at all. 

Cookies may be candy-like confections, or like cake. They may be baked as tiny tarts, or like French pastries. In this book are collected the best of each kind -- Plain and Fancy. To make it easy for devotees to find "just the right cookie" for each occasion, chapters are planned according to the times when cookies are most in demand, from school lunches to formal teas. Also included are the hard-to-find cookies to send through the mail, and cookies to make in large batches. All are labeled "plain" or "fancy" so that you'll find it easy to select a recipe suitable for the time at hand and for your particular culinary mood. 

You'll find most of the familiar favorites in a variety of versions, listed by type-ball, bar, icebox, no-bake, rolled, and so forth, so you can pick at a glance the one you want to make. You'll also find a dazzling array of unusual cookies -- a large, exciting collection gathered over twenty years during which the authors have read about, baked, and eaten cookies. 

If you're an adventuresome cook who would like to discover new and unusual recipes for cookies, you'll delight in the variety of cookies found in each chapter of this useful book. If you're the kind who takes pride in a beautiful-looking party platter of tasty cookies, there's something in this volume for you, too. And if you're a loving mother, grandmother, or neighbor who knows the joy that cookies bring to children, there's inspiration for you. To one and all, happy baking! 


Condition: Dust jacket has some frayed corners. Further good condition. 


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