Art of Italian Cooking

Art of Italian Cooking presents more than 200 unusual recipes for soups, pasta, meats, vegetables, desserts, and more, in the real Italian manner. This vintage cookbook was published in 1956.


Format: Hardcover, 222 pages. 

Copyright: 1956 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company 

Author: Mario Lo Pinto 

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Description: Among gourmets all over the world, Italian cooking is famous for savory dishes concocted with wines and herbs and a sprinkling of cheese. Now the question, "What's in it?" is answered. 

The Art of Italian Cooking reveals the mysteries of seasoning and garnishing, the extra touches which characterize this cookery at its best. All the recognized stand-bys appear: the thick minestra, the ravioli, the antipasto. Besides, there are recipes for such exotic items as Anitra al Cognac (brandied duck) which will make any lover of mouth-watering food start the garlic browning in his skillet. Maria Lo Pinto has garnered culinary secrets which range from simple salad dressings to such recipes as Sfinge di San Giuseppe, cream puffs which will prove a real challenge to cooks who fancy themselves experts in pastry. 

The book contains more than two hundred recipes, clearly and informatively written. The individual recipes are arranged in sections, in the sequence of a complete menu, to make it easy to prepare an entire meal in the best Italian manner. The separate sections include herbs and cheeses, soups, spaghetti and pasta, savory sauces, novel sea-food combinations, meats, vegetables and salads, game and fowl. There is a detailed glossary of Italian names and terms. And, finally, the history and definition of each ingredient is described. 


Condition: Dust jacket is torn and has missing pieces. The Inside cover has a name in ink with white out used under it (likely covering up another owner.) Further good condition. 

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