Art of Indian Cuisine

Everyday menus, feasts, and holiday banquests can be found inside Pranati Sen Gupta's cookbook, The Art of Indian Cuisine. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 227 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Hawthorn Books 

Author: Franati Sen Gupta 

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Description: Indian cookery is tastefully unique and incredibly diverse. The blending of exotic and once-unusual spices creates a truly singular cuisine including pullaos, biryanis, kitchuris, kababs, curries, homemade wheat breads (such as chappatis and parathas), chutneys, raytas, and elegant sweetmeats. Without compromising authenticity, Pranati Sen Gupta has adapted almost two hundred recipes of both familiar and gourmet dishes -- many previously unavailable in this country -- for preparation in a modern kitchen with locally available ingredients. 

For the initiate, the author has included an introduction to India; a comprehensive listing of spices and seasonings, including their preparation and possible substitutions; recipes for basic ingredients such as yogurt, ghee, channa, and vadi; and a glossary of Indian cooking terms. Some recipes have alternate instructions for pressure-cooker preparation, and all measurements include conversions to the British equivalents. For the more experienced cook and the hostess who wishes to emulate the Indian setting as well as the menu, Mrs. Sen Gupta describes in detail the customs and ceremonies surrounding the presentation and service of an Indian meal. Thirteen sample menus, from simple to lavish and including three vegetarian dinners, are of inestimable value for planning an authentic banquet, which may have as many as seven courses comprised of more than sixteen separate dishes. 

The art of preparing many of the sweets described in this book (rasgullas, gilipi, gulabjamon, sandesh, burfi, halva, and many more) is found only in the renowned sweetmeat shops of metropolitan cities such as Calcutta, Delhi, and Bombay. Here the author, with over fifteen years of experience in preparing these sweets, tells how to make them in an easy-to-follow manner that will result in a product of professional quality. 


Condition: Good condition. Pages clean. Dust jacket has small tears. 

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