Art of Filo Cookbook

Art of Filo Cookbook presents international entrees, appetizers and desserts wrapped in flaky filo pastry. Learn to fold, roll, layer and overlap filo like an expert. 


Format: Softcover, 143 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Aris Books 

Author: Marti Sousanis 

ISBN: 9780943186054

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Description: Filo has been an intimate part of Middle Eastern life for hundreds of years. This delicate, paper-thin dough has taken on new life as it has swept into fashion on new soil. It is gratifying to see it in Marti Sousanis' artful hands. 

In The Art of Filo she explains the traditions of folding and rolling, layering and overlapping to perfection. She is both instructive and inspiring for she has broadened the potential of filo by using it in all sorts of ways with an infinite variety of fillings from all over the world. East and West, old and new have married exquisitely. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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