The Art of Eating Well: Italy's Most Treasured Cookbook

The Art of Eating Well: Italy's Most Treasured Cookbook offers Italian recipes from this translated top Italian cookbook. You will enjoy Pellegrino Artusi's recipes for Italian food from pastas to desserts and much more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 512 pages. 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: Random House 

Author: Pellegrino Artusi 

ISBN: 9780679430568

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Description: Before Marcella Hazan, Giuliano Bugialli, or Ada Boni, there was Pellegrino Artusi. A prosperous Florentine silk merchant, Artusi was also a passionate gastronome, and over his long life collected a large number of recipes for the foods he loved to eat and serve to his many guests. In 1891, he collected them into a cookbook, La Scknza in Cucina e I'Arte di Mangiar Bene ("The Science of Cookery and the Art of Eating Well"), for which he could not find a publisher. So he published the book himself. 

Over a hundred years later, Artusi's book is still selling in every bookstore in Italy. It has gone through 111 printings, and a copy can be found in almost every Italian home. Now, this all-new translation of The Art of Eating Well makes Artusi's culinary classic available to American cooks. From soups, pastas, roasts, and stews to desserts, preserves, liqueurs, and specialty dishes, it is a treasury of classic Italian food, forgotten delicacies, and clever variations on perennial favorites of the Italian table. It is as much a source of inspiration and innovation in the kitchen today as it was in the nineteenth century. 

But The Art of Eating Well is not just a cookbook. Artusi was also a bon vivant, a noted raconteur, and a celebrated host, who knew many of the leading figures of his day and read widely in the arts and sciences. His book is an extensive compendium of recipes, but also provided Artusi with ample opportunity to share his knowledge of the natural world, snippets of philosophy, dietary advice, and the occasional earthy anecdote. Artusi is also loved by Italians for his wit and his way with words; his book is one to read as well as cook from. 

The Art of Eating Well faithfully reproduces Artusi's recipes as he wrote them, with extensive annotations by the translator to help modern cooks prepare his dishes as he meant them to be. Beautifully designed and richly illustrated, The Art of Eating Well is destined to earn a place of honor in the American kitchen. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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