The Art of Eating Vintage Book - M. F. K. Fisher

The Art of Eating Vintage book by M. F. K. Fisher contains five complete books in one volume: Serve It Forth, Consider the Oyster, How to Cook a Wolf, The Gastronomical Me and An Alphabet for Gourmets. There are also some recipes included in some of the volumes. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 749 pages 

Copyright: 1954 

Publisher: The World Publishing Company 

Author: M. F. K. Fisher 

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Description: The Art of Eating by M. F. K. Fisher combines in one rich and rewarding volume the recipes and reminiscences of a discriminating gourmet and observer of life. Those who read and browse with a sensitive eye will reap more than a special dinner or two: they will learn a way of life more satisfying to all their appetites. 

This is a book that not only describes the most esoteric of foods like quail A la financicre but also proves that a No. 2 can of baked beans, with love and attention, can become a very savory dish. Cooking is approached not as a chore but as a high activity. In rebelling against packaged gelatines and anemic bread, M. F. K. Fisher presents an alternative that is Epicurean in the deepest and wisest way. 

A superb writer as well as an inspired cook, she omits none of the ingredients in reliving her most memorable meals. Some of the stories told here are little classics, portraying unforgettable characters: the old waiter Charles in Dijon; Juanito, the Mexican mariachi singer; a staring trout served at a gasthaus in German Switzerland; the author's grandmother. But the most unforgettable character of all in these pages is M. F. K. Fisher herself. 

She writes: "Our human needs are three: for food and shelter and love. Warmth in a shelter from the wind can be a part of bread and wine, and the bread and wine can be a part of a caress, and that caress in turn can live and flower in the warmth everywhere around it." Taken as a whole, The Art of Eating provides the reader with one huge and comprehensive recipe for achieving these three basic needs. This is M. F. K. Fisher's special genius. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in nice condition. Dust jacket comes with plastic protective sleeve.  Bookboards' edges show slight discoloration (aging). Dust jacket's top and bottom edge show minor shelf wear. Title page has a light stain.

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