Art of American Indian Cooking Cookbook

Art of American Indian Cooking cookbook showcases recipes from Native Americans refined for contemporary kitchens. You'll enjoy trying dishes from the different cultures each chapter features. 


Format: Hardcover, 215 pages  

Copyright: 1965 

Publisher: Doubleday and Company  

Author: Yeffe Kimball and Jean Anderson 

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Description: Here is a cookbook which presents for the first time America's food heritage -- in a superb collection of authentic and easily prepared American Indian recipes. From turkey and corn dishes of the Southeast, through recipes from the wild game country of the Great Plains to delectable seafood entrees of the Northwest Coast, the Art of American Indian Cooking cookbook provides a unique and delicious gastronomic tour. 

Enriched with the fascinating history and lore of Indian cuisine, and garnished with delightful illustrations of Miss Kimball, The Art of American Indian Cooking is a veritable cornucopia of superb recipes and Americana. 

The book is divided into five sections, giving the characteristic recipes from each area of the country, cross-referenced according to category. All of the nearly 200 flavorful dishes are presented in their original recipes, revised and tested to meet the demands of modern tastes and kitchens. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some rubbing in the artwork and some frayed corners and dust spots. Further good condition. 

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