Around Our Table California Cooks Kosher

Around the Table cookbook by the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, California includes this collection of kosher recipes with California inspiration. Fish Blintzes, Spinach Lasagna, and Middle Eastern Steamed Chicken are a few of the dishes you can make in the comfort of your home kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover, 446 pages 

Copyright: 1994. First printing 

Publisher: Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, California

Author: Members of the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles 

ISBN: 9780964081505

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Description: An invitation, come sit with us Around Our Table. We would like to share with you this exciting collection of family and guest-proofed California Kosher recipes. Some are new, as in Fish Blintzes, and some are updated old, as in Hasidic Black Bean Soup. Some are simple and some more complicated, but all have a different twist. Eclectic as it is, please find this book a welcome addition to your cuisine arts.

All the recipes selected for Around Our Table cookbook are in keeping with the principles of Kashrut (kosher preparation) and can be enjoyed by everyone. For those interested, there is a short summary of these laws inside the cookbook.

Condition: Good condition. 

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