Complete Armenian Cookbook

The Complete Armenian Cookbook by Alice Bezjian elevates Middle Eastern cooking to the level of haute cuisine with each dish being a unique, creative, gourmet touch. The recipes can be executed as a beginner, as well, with simple-to-follow instructions. 


Format: Hardcover, 280 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Indo European Foods 

Author: Alice Bezjian 

ISBN: 9780915033003

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Description: Over 500 recipes contained in this book cover a wide range of lands and ethnic cultures. "The exact origin of certain Armenian dishes are difficult to trace, but it is generally agreed that Armenians were instrumental in introducing them to the West", writes Ara Baliozian (The Armenians, Ararat Press, 1980). The names of foods are preserved in the language that they are popularly known. As a rule the strong have ethnicized the dishes that they have learned from the conquered. Original names are given in parenthesis whenever possible. 

This cookbook is one of the most comprehensive and authentic books on the cuisine of Asia Minor uniting the cultures of the East and West. The author, due to her origin and wide experience, has been very meticulous in formulating the exact measure and ratio of ingredients to be used in a recipe, plus that magic touch which is the fruit of inborn talent and knowledge, and which is transmitted from generation to generation and jealously guarded in families. 


Condition: Cover has some rubbing on the edges. Further good condition. 

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