The Apple Book

A guide to 122 varieties of apples, The Apple Book is not a cookbook but a glossary of apples with an overview of each, along with watercolors of the different varieties. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 142 pages. 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Philosophical Library 

Author: Rosanne Sanders 

ISBN: 9780802225597

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Description: Even the charming endpapers of this delightful book contribute to its celebration of the most ubiquitous and best loved of all fruits. From the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple, from William Tell to Johnny Appleseed, to Paris of Troy who gave the troublesome golden apple to Aphrodite which started the Trojan War, the apple has occupied a very special place in our affections both as a symbol and as one of the simplest and most delicious of Nature's gifts. 

Prize winning botanical artist Rosanne Sanders does dazzling justice to this favorite fruit in 122 exquisite watercolors. The full-color plates depict numerous varieties of American, British and European apples along with their lovely blossoms, leaves and branches. The picturesquely named apples range from the familiar to the rare and are accompanied by a brief description including shape, color, aroma and season. In her historical notes she rescues many of the stories and legends about apples that until now were only to be read in their curious and romantic names. 

Marginal line drawings of apples in cross section and seed formation facilitate indentification and Harry Baker, Fruit Officer of the Royal Horticultural Society, has added an informative chapter on apple growing. All of these elements combine to make The Apple Book an invaluable source of ideas tor apple growing enthusiasts and a delicious treat for apple lovers everywhere. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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