Amy's Bread Cookbook

Amy's Bread cookbook brings you bread recipes from the New York bakery of the same name. Here are all kinds of recipes from her bakery that are perfect for beginning bakers with some step-by-step illustrations included at the beginning of the cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 196 pages. 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: William Morrow and Company 

Author: Amy Scherber and Toy Kim Dupree 

ISBN: 9780688124014

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Description: Crunchy-crusted baguettes. Robust rustic boules. Sage and apricot-studded golden semolina loaves. Chewy olive and thyme sticks. Exotic and meltingly delicious chocolate buns. 

Does this sound like a bakery built in heaven? Closer. It's heaven on earth. It's perfect bread from Amy's Bread, New York's favorite bakery. At Amy's, bread-struck New Yorkers line up daily as Amy Scherher, Toy Dupree, and Amy's staff turn out dozens of miraculous breads each morning. 

Wars are fought over which bread is her best. Is it her black olive fougasse, generously filled with two types of robustly flavored olives? Is it her semolina, studded with black sesame seeds? Or is it Amy's rosemary bread, rich and aromatic with olive oil and fresh green rosemary? Any way you slice it, with Amy's Bread, you'll learn to bake a universe of these heavenly breads right here on earth in your own kitchen. The results are sophisticated enough for a professional but the steps are simple enough for the most timid baker. 

Amy's hearth-baked, artisan breads are a joy to bake at home. Her techniques result in superior breads with less kneading time. The slow cool rises maximize flavor development, and make it easy to fit bread baking into a busy work schedule. Cozy up your kitchen with the smell of warm, toasty bread baking in your oven. Here are breads that are hearty, earthy, and satisfying. Their thick crusts and chewy crumbs are full of flavor, whether it's a crunch) creation such as Coarse-Grained Whole Wheat with Toasted Walnuts, a sunny loaf of semolina, or a flavor powerhouse like the black olive and sweet red pepper bread. 

Amy's inspired recipes are simple to make and take what's best in the breads we all love from around the world. She's brought back memorable rustic round boules with crispy, crackling crusts and moist, chewy centers, light and savory focaccias and divinely thin and crisp pizza crusts. 

Amy's Bread will become the entry point for legions of first-time bakers. Here you'll learn the essentials of making good bread, including techniques for making sponge and sourdough starters. All the recipes and instructions are clearly laid out and simple to follow. There are dozens of step-by-step illustrations showing the many shapes for bread, and a special troubleshooting section that illustrates the common problems in bread making. Amy's Bread will help you to reconsider whether man can or cannot live by bread alone. It will certainly make you want to! 


Condition: Good condition. Small tear in jacket corner. 

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