The Amish Cook Recollections and Recipes

The Amish Cook Recollections and Recipes from an Old Order Amish Family brings you recipes for whoopie pies, giant sugar cookies, smoked summer sausage and velvety cheese soup. We just know that you will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful and authentic Amish cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 182 pages. 

Copyright: 2002 

Publisher: Ten Speed Press 

Author: Elizabeth Coblentz and Kevin Williams 

ISBN: 9781580082143

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Description: In 1991, journalist Kevin Williams cooked up an idea for an Amish recipe column and convinced Old Order Amish grandmother Elizabeth Coblentz to become his partner. Today, "The Amish Cook" is syndicated in more than a hundred newspapers across the country. 

Writing in longhand by the soft glow of a kerosene lamp, Elizabeth's column chronicles the joys and sorrows of life in her rural-Indiana Amish community. She introduces us to Ben, her husband of forty-two years, their eight children, and their thirty-three grandchildren, and shares old family recipes for traditional Amish dishes like Shoo-Fly Pie, Company Chicken Casserole, and Amish Wedding Nothings. She describes weddings, births, and funerals, and reveals snippets of life on the family farmstead-barn raisings, church services, and busy days spent canning and tending the garden. 

Inspired by her newspaper portraits and featuring the simple, hearty food she prepares for her loved ones, The Amish Cook: Recollections and Recipes from an Old Order Amish Family offers a rare glimpse at an intensely private society, where food and family are celebrated daily. Seventy-five recipes for breakfast, dinner, supper, dessert, and special Amish occasions are wrapped in a charming collection of Coblentz family tales, practical gardening tips, tidbits of Amish history, and Elizabeth's most popular columns. 

Like a letter from a cherished friend, Elizabeth's reflections sparkle with matter-of-fact humor, lyrical observation, and an absolute trust in God. With gorgeous, full-color photography showcasing the verdant beauty of Indiana Amish country, The Amish Cook is a striking example of an enduring commitment to food, community, and a simple ways of life. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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